In over 20 years of software and app development we have
worked with many businesses like yours to improve sales, productivity and increase profits.

With experience across multiple industries we follow best practice coding standards, interface design and security in order to deliver you transformational projects.

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Examples of our work include;

A secure platform that helps Caulfield Grammar manage communications between their students, staff and families

A secure web application for BP to communicate with their 16,000 stores

A phone App that facilitates secure delivery to your garage while you are not at home

An application allowing customers at trade shows and events to join the Milwaukee Club

An that allows customers to access tiered pricing and order products for the specialist gas industry

Glaucoma is a chronic disease that affects over 300,000 Australians and if left untreated can cause blindness. Based on international clinical care standards, and to improve the outcomes for people with Glaucoma, our client wanted a secure platform to allow Ophthalmologists to work with Optometrists to treat and manage Glaucoma.

Our Approach

Starting with a summary of the outcome, we worked with our client to develop a description of the system. We then developed wireframes of the important screens, identifying what data needed to be collected.

From there, we developed a secure AWS hosted, web application with all data being encrypted to protect the privacy of users. Given the importance of the data, all services are capable of being HIPAA certified. Productivity was a key requirement for the user interface.


GlaucoNet is currently managing thousands of glaucoma patients across multiple clinics. GlaucoNet has, on average, reduced consultation time by 5 minutes, and has improved patient outcomes.

Our Services

Project Development

System and Architecture Review

Application Upgrades and Cloud Migration

Team Mentoring & Training

Business Intelligence and Reporting

Entr a new world

Entr was born around the ultimate customer experience for the last mile of eCommerce – no missed deliveries, no waiting around all day and all available from an iOS or Android smart phone.

Entr was created to replace the mailbox which is no longer suitable for deliveries where parcels are involved. Entr avoids parcel piracy and insecure, unattended deliveries while supporting a new range of services to the home.

Entr is a third-party access platform that allows consumers to use their garages for home deliveries and other third party access uses such as auto-repair, pickups and trades access. It is built into, or can be added to existing garages via smart controllers that support entr’s secure access platform.

How entr works

  • Sign up for free


  • Delivery feed

    You will see a list of pending and past deliveries from entr partners.

  • Notifications

    You will receive a notification of pending deliveries and can opt-out at anytime.

  • Watch & record

    You can watch and record the delivery taking place.

  • Delivery complete

    You will be notified when the delivery is completed and the door is secure.

Introducing the smart garage.

Entr enabled Garage Door Controllers are retrofittable to 90% of Australian garage door openers and will be available from leading retailers in 2018.

In addition to the entr service you can also open and close your garage remotely via an App, giving you piece of mind as to whether you really did close the garage door this morning.

Secure by Design

We take application security seriously and use a variety of proven tools to secure your valuable information.

  • Every project is different and requires a unique approach to security.  We work with you to develop a threat and risk assessment that then informs the rest of the project.
  • We use proven and thoroughly reviewed tools and services such as AWS & Azure managed cloud services,  Angular/React/Laravel and similar frameworks. These tools benefit from continual security testing and improvements from thousands of teams worldwide.
  • An understanding of the common security problems is critical to preventing them.We use the OWASP Top 10 as a basis of regular security training for all our team.
  • Many hands make light work. Our senior developers conduct regular peer code reviews to bring their experience to all projects giving you the benefit of over 20 years’ of experience.
  • We help you by conducting security training for you and your teams. Our training covers simple practical steps such as secure password management and use of multifactor authentication, to more advanced topics such as the use of encryption and how to avoid targeted social engineering attacks.

BP Australia’s Wholesale Marketing team wanted an efficient way to communicate securely with their 16,000 stores nationally in order to update store owners on marketing and OH&S information.

Our Approach

We developed a secure web application that allows BP to easily communicate with their stores on a daily basis providing notifications and updates to the store owners.


This provided a centralised system that drastically reduced time to disseminating marketing and OH&S information to over 16,000 stores nationally.

Our Process

Every project is unique. We start by working with you to understanding what a successful project looks to you, what are  your requirements and constraints. We then carefully prepare a high level road map and can provide initial estimates.
Following your review and acceptance of the initial high level estimate, we prepare a detailed project proposal with cost estimates and technical details.
A dedicated Project Manager is assigned to every project and works directly with your to deliver your project. They work with you throughout the project to manage change and incorporate your feedback.
We start all projects with a wireframe of the key parts of the application. The wireframes are developed with you and guide our developers through the project. We also develop a style guide that informs the colours and design of the application.
We use Agile software development processes and schedule our development over many smaller sprints. The outcome of each sprint are deliverables that can be reviewed with you. Our team will present the sprint to you, documenting any feedback and updating the design requirements with your comments. This provides you with a clear understanding of the project and allows us to continually incorporate any updated requirements
We use a combination of automatic and manual testing throughout the project. Automatic testing tools are used in critical areas to deliver high quality software and allow you to confidently use your application as it evolves with your business.
We host your application on tier 1 infrastructure, such as AWS or Azure and depending on your needs can setup high availability multi-zone deployments to minimise interruption to your services.
We work with you to help your team get the most out of the application. We work with your business as it changes over time and work to support your application as your business changes.

Our Clients

“Binary have assisted us with our website and intranet, helping us to build tailored solutions for our multi-campus community. They are a trusted partner and highly responsive to our needs.”
“I have been consistently impressed by their online development expertise, their dedication to the project, ability to deliver work ahead of plan and the excellent standard to which they work.”
Ben Slater

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